Hi, I'm Nemath

CS Grad Student at Georgia Tech
I'm an active member of Polo Club of Data Science advised by Prof. Polo Chau where I work on democratizing AI security with an eye towards scalability and practicality in real-world settings.
I also work with Prof. Andrea Parker at the intersection of Health Equity and CS at the Wellness Technology Lab. I currently collaborate with researchers at Intel, Georgia Tech and Emory University.
Prior to this I worked as a SWE at Analog Devices, Inc. in their Data Platform teams. I completed my undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Techonology (IIT) Indore majoring in Electrical Engineering. I've been grateful to have collaborated with researchers, developers, and scientists at TU Dresden Germany, NTU Singapore, Dozee Research and DRDO working around Computer Vision, Software Development and it's interesting intersections.

Research Publications

Classification of Sleep-Wake State in Ballistocardiogram system based on Deep Learning
Multi-task and IPN to improve detection
Annual International Conference of the IEEE EMBC 2022
APRA For Camera Performance Imbalance In Person Re-identification: New Dataset And Metrics
Adversarial Pairwise Reverse Attention
AppAxO: Designing Application-specific Approximate Operators for FPGA-based Embedded Systems
Machine Learning for Approximate Operators